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Three Reasons to Love Physical Therapy in Fresh Meadows

by Dr. Michael Baranov, PT, March 12, 2015

If you’ve suffered an injury that has made it difficult to complete normal tasks without pain, your doctor might have recommended that you attend physical therapy. You might be nervous about what the therapy will involve, concerned that it will cause your pain to increase, or worried that it won’t help you at all. You can (and should!) discuss all of your concerns with your physical therapist, but be assured that physical therapy is actually pretty amazing. Check out these reasons that you’re going to be glad you attended physical therapy in Fresh Meadows.

1. It’s individualized – When you have frequent discomfort, pain, or difficulty completing normal tasks, you need someone to help determine your specific problem and help you learn how to reduce your symptoms. Working one-on-one with a physical therapist means that you will be able to ask questions and practice exercise moves until you are confident that you are doing them correctly. Your physical therapist will be able to assess your improvement every time you see her, so you’ll progress at the pace that is best for your body.

2. It can reduce the need for painkillers – Pharmaceutical medications have many wonderful benefits, but they can also come with risks and negative side effects. According to the CDC, in 2008 more people died as a result of an overdose of opioids, prescription medications used to treat pain, than all of those who died from an overdose of cocaine or heroin combined! People who take high doses of these medicines or take them every day are more likely to experience an overdose. Physical therapy is often just as effective as medication for treating pain.

3. It’s really educational – Most of us have not spent a significant amount of time studying anatomy or biology. Physical therapists have, and they are excited to share their knowledge. In your physical therapy sessions, you will learn exactly what causes the pain or weakness in your body and what muscles need to be stronger in order to reduce the pain. Therapists will teach you exercises that you can do at home to build your muscles and make you stronger! You will always have that knowledge, and if you suffer a relapse in the future, you will know how to begin reducing your pain symptoms. Physical therapy gives you the knowledge to improve your physical abilities and the power to take control of your situation.

If you are ready to learn more about how physical therapy can improve your life and health, consider the programs available at MBF Rehab. Contact us for more information.

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