shoulder pain specialist Fresh Meadows

Shoulder Pain Specialist Fresh Meadows

by Dr. Michael Baranov, PT, May 23, 2015

Looking for a shoulder pain specialist Fresh Meadows?

Is this you? Suddenly you lift your arm, and it hurts.  You didn’t notice this yesterday, but you sure do now. What happened? Well, several things can cause shoulder pain. If you use your arm in any reaching activities, such as if you swim or play baseball you could cause a pinch of the rotator cuff or biceps tendons. Sometimes even how you sit can put increased stress on the shoulder and cause pain.

Other types of trauma such as from a car accident can also injure the shoulder.

Or, shoulder pain can occur for no reason or specific injury.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint that includes the head of the humerus (arm bone), the scapula, which is often called the shoulder- blade, and the clavicle, otherwise referred as the collar-bone.

There could be several explanations for pain in this region: Shoulder pain can be caused by injury of the ligaments, bursae, or tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. These injuries may affect the cartilage, meniscus, and bones of the joint.

Disease can also cause pain in the shoulder from arthritis, soft tissues and bones surrounding the shoulder, or even the nerves that supply sensation in the shoulder area.

Common injuries of the shoulder can lead to inflammation of the bursae or tendons and result in a rotator cuff tear and resulting dysfunction.

Here’s a recent article in HealthDay that supports seeing a physical therapist first:

Shoulder muscles, ligaments and tendons can be injured by sports, household chores and heavy lifting. These injuries sometimes take months to heal and can interfere with everyday tasks, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says.

In 2010, about 16 million Americans visited their doctor for a shoulder problem, and more than 2.7 million were diagnosed with sprains and strains of the shoulder and upper arm, according to the academy.

“Strengthening and stretching the muscles that support your shoulder joint can keep it stable and restore range of motion to help reduce the risk of injuries,” orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brent Ponce, an academy spokesman, said in an academy news release.

“If you suspect unusual pain in the joint, do not ignore it. Seek professional care to avoid further damage,” added Ponce, who specializes in shoulder injuries.  Reference:

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