Find the Best Physical Therapy in Fresh Meadows

by Dr. Michael Baranov, PT, June 19, 2015

The success of your physical therapy is often determined by the quality of your care. It is crucial that you find the best physical therapy in Fresh Meadows to meet your needs. There are several facilities from which to choose in the the area. However, if you are looking for one of the best, MBF Rehab for physical therapy in Fresh Meadows is at the top of the list. Here are just a few reasons why they are leaders in the field.


They make it a priority to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and advancements in physical therapy. Innovation comes at a rapid pace in today’s world. It is vital that medical professionals continuously learn and adapt to new technology. This way, patients get the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.


They pride themselves on having a caring and highly qualified staff. They take the time to listen to patients and explain things in-depth. Communication is a significant part of successful treatment. MBF Rehab understands this and puts it into practice. They ensure that all of their employees are highly trained professionals, hiring only the best in the field.


If you really want to know about any clinic, simply ask previous patients. No one gives you a more honest review than someone who has experienced it firsthand. MBF Rehab has a solid reputation built on a foundation of outstanding care.

Conservative Care First

We understand that there is a balance between conservative physical therapy care we provide and that of medical doctors.  Sometimes, you need medications, injections, or even surgery.   Most muscle and joint disorders (e.g. tendonitis, sprains & strains, and osteoarthritis) will respond very well to physical therapy treatment first.  Sometimes it’s better to have physical therapy and surgery provide the same results.  For example, if you have a torn meniscus or arthritis changes in the knee, research actually concludes that surgery is not your best option.  Here’s some recent information on this in the APTA PT News:

The case continues to mount around the lack of evidence to support arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knees—this time, by way of research that calls for a “reversal of a common medical practice,” even among patients with knee osteoarthritis. Authors of the article write that the procedure produces “small inconsequential” benefits in pain and that surgery produced no benefit in function.

In an article published in BMJ, researchers share the results of a systematic review and meta-analysis of 9 trials, involving 1,270 individuals, that looked at the benefits of knee arthroscopic surgery in middle-aged and older patients with knee pain and degenerative knee disease.

The most recent findings echo earlier research, including a 2008 study that questioned the benefits of arthroscopic surgery, and a more recent study that found no differences in outcomes among patients who received the procedure and others who received sham surgery. 

It’s not that patients who receive arthroscopic surgery don’t improve, authors write, it’s just that “improvements in control groups were similarly impressive, with no clinically relevant between-group differences at any time point,” something they say is in line with recent studies on improvements noted in placebo control groups.


This specific study concluded: The small inconsequential benefit seen from interventions that include arthroscopy for the degenerative knee is limited in time and absent at one to two years after surgery. Knee arthroscopy is associated with harms. Taken together, these findings do not support the practise of arthroscopic surgery for middle aged or older patients with knee pain with or without signs of osteoarthritis. 

Reference: Arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee: systematic review and meta-analysis of benefits and harms

Clearly,  Physical Therapy is a Great First Choice

Make time to research and find the optimal facility for your physical therapy and rehabilitation. Locating the right professionals to suit your specific needs is a substantial factor in determining the overall, long-term benefits of your treatment. Before beginning treatment at any clinic, it is recommended that you visit and speak to the staff. Take a look around, make sure you are comfortable with the surroundings and ask any questions you may have. MBF Rehab is happy to assist you.

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