Ankle Pain Treatment in Fresh Meadows

Looking For Ankle Pain Treatment in Fresh Meadows? We Can Help!

by Dr. Michael Baranov, PT, July 23, 2015

Attention: Ankle Patients Need Not Suffer – Ankle Pain Treatment in Fresh Meadows is Right in Your Neighborhood

Hopping about on a sore ankle is no fun. Hobbling along because of ankle pain and trying to keep up with your daily routine can be exhausting and make the pain even worse. Ankle pain needs specialized attention from expert physical therapists that provide ankle pain treatment in Fresh Meadows.

Local residents have trusted us for the care of their ankle sprains & strains for years.  Most can expect a succesful outcome and long-term relief from your ankle pain. You do not want massage therapy because massage therapy provides no long lasting relief from ankle pain. You want both short-term and long-term pain relief.

For Both Acute or Chronic Ankle Sprains Science Supports Physical Therapy Treatment

If you have an acute ankle sprain (meaning a sudden onset) from a recent injury, physical therapist can help.  While some may think that all they need is a home program, you can achieve superior results if you see a physical therapist as reported in this study:

Patients with an inversion ankle sprain completed the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure (FAAM) activities of daily living subscale, the FAAM sports subscale, the Lower Extremity Functional Scale, and the numeric pain rating scale. Patients were randomly assigned to either an MTEX or an HEP treatment group. Outcomes were collected at baseline, 4 weeks, and 6 months… 

Seventy-four patients (mean ± SD age, 35.1 ± 11.0 years; 48.6% female) were randomized into the MTEX group (n = 37) or the HEP group (n = 37). The overall group-by-time interaction for the mixed-model analysis of variance was statistically significant for the FAAM activities of daily living subscale (P<.001), FAAM sports subscale (P<.001), Lower Extremity Functional Scale (P<.001), and pain (P<.001). Improvements in all functional outcome measures and pain were significantly greater at both the 4-week and 6-month follow-up periods in favor of the MTEX group.

The results suggest that an MTEX approach is superior to an HEP in the treatment of inversion ankle sprains

For chronic ankle sprains, physical therapists can implement equally successful programs.  Consider this high quality study and note that we implement training programs not just conservative ice, e-stim and home programs:

To determine the effectiveness of treatments for patients with chronic complaints after ankle sprain.

A total of 20 randomized controlled trials and 1 controlled clinical trial were included in the analysis. The included studies compared different treatments (training programs, physiotherapy, chiropractic/manual therapy, surgery, postoperative training, and functional treatment). For pain and function outcomes, limited to moderate evidence was found for effectiveness of a training program compared to conservative treatment. Two studies found a decrease of recurrences after a proprioceptive training program. Four studies showed good results for different surgical methods but did not include a nonsurgical control group for comparison. Limited evidence was found for the effectiveness of an early mobilization program after surgery.

In chronic ankle complaints after an ankle sprain, a training program gives better results for pain and function, and a decrease of recurrent ankle sprains, than a wait-and-see policy. There was insufficient evidence to determine the most effective surgical treatment, but limited evidence suggests that postoperative, early mobilization was more effective than a plaster cast.

MBF Physical Therapists Are A Great Choice for Conservative Ankle Rehabilitation

You need licensed and certified experts in treating ankle pain. You need professionals that take a consultative approach with your ankle pain. Your therapist needs to know what caused your ankle to hurt so they can provide the most effective therapy that produces a pain free ankle. There are many causes of ankle pain and your treatment needs to be selected from a battery of proven exercises that address the cause of your pain directly.

Therapeutically exercising the bones, muscles, and tendons that are causing you pain in the proper manner can bring fast relief for most…more so than most any other pain management technique. Range of motion and proprioceptive neuromuscular retraining movements that do not cause additional pain but stabilize the damaged areas of your ankle so that you do not hurt any more are proven methods. Home exercise is an essential part of your therapy.

If you are tired of dealing with constant ankle pain and want real relief that lasts, contact us at MBF Rehabilitation to arrange an appointment that will get you back on your ankles (and feet 🙂 ) without any pain.

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