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Can a Physiotherapist in Ditmas Park Help?

by Dr. Michael Baranov, PT, November 7, 2015

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Physiotherapists are often associated with musculoskeletal injuries, illnesses and conditions, but the truth is that their studies and training are much more comprehensive than that. While it’s true that physiotherapy helps the patient to restore mobility and function to those affected by disabilities or injuries, this branch of medicine takes a more holistic approach to healing, involving the patient directly in their own care.

Besides musculoskeletal care, a physiotherapist is also qualified to engage the patient in neuromuscular care, such as aiding a patient to recover movement after a stroke. Cardiovascular conditions also see improvement under the hands of a skilled physiotherapist, using manual therapy techniques to improve blood circulation. Conditions pertaining the respiratory apparatus also see improvement under the guidance of a trained therapist, using exercise or water therapy to strengthen breathing functions.

Here are some Benefits of Physical Therapy as Reported of

Improve Motion & Mobility

Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion. Pain-free movement is crucial to your quality of daily life, your ability to earn a living, your ability to pursue your favorite leisure activities, and so much more.

For example:

Avoid Surgery & Prescription Drugs

While surgery and prescription drugs can be the best course of treatment for certain diagnoses, there is increasing evidence demonstrating that conservative treatments like physical therapy can be equally effective (and cheaper) for many conditions.

For example:


One of the Biggest Benefits…a Professional that will Listen

The most attractive aspect of this type of treatment is the level of patient engagement. Treatment is not restricted to the rehabilitation center: each patient receives personalized exercise recommendations that are an extremely important part of each individual’s recovery. Even self-esteem is treated under this branch of medicine, as many patients at first need to be coaxed into believing that they can, if they will to, recover. Physiotherapy aims to greatly improve quality of life by relieving pain and discomfort.

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