TMJ Program

What is it? For the vast majority of people, TMJ is a downward spiral of increasing tightness and pain. It’s as simple as that. Due to a variety of possible factors, the muscles in and around the jaw, head and neck all get tight. Then, they start to stay tight and connective tissue shrink wraps and compresses everything down. Then you chronically contract the muscles of the jaw, which creates a whole other set of negative factors. This sets up a dynamic of jaw clenching, grinding, and tension that ultimately creates more pain and more tightness. If you want a TMJ cure, then reverse the dynamic, and everything gets better. It’s as simple and as complex as that.

Benefits of Our TMJ Program:
  • Promote bodily strength.
  • Improve functionality & mobility.
  • Prevent future injuries.
  • Feel better inside & out.
  • Learn to avoid recurring injuries.
  • Increased speed, power and balance.
  • For more information on TMJ, click here.

    How long before benefits are realized?

    Benefits can be realized immediately!

    Be Wary Of…

    Methods that change the structure or position of the jaw or teeth.

    Why Act Now?

    Living with chronic pain and reduced mobility will only get worse if it goes untreated. Stop living with pain, make your life better, and start living the life that you want to live!

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